Wheeler Machinery Co.
Salt Lake City, Utah

Wheeler uses MDS for:
– Shop Service
– Field Service
– Power Systems
– Rental

“MDS has given us one tool to organize, prioritize and document our service repairs and easily carry that information straight to our customers.”

Craig Banyard
PSSR Manager

“MDS has given us a better way to manage our maintenance and service repair process by giving us better visibility to repair status, inspections & estimate approvals. This increases our ability to turn our rental machines around faster and get them back to work.”

Cody Rhoades
Rental Operations Manager

Hawthorne CAT.
San Diego, CA

Hawthorne uses MDS for:
– Shop Service
– Field Service

“Rolling out a new program to any department can be a daunting process. The benefits of MDS sells itself. One platform to communicate internally between departments and externally with our customers. Documentation from start to finish including, quotes, inspections, pictures, any supporting documents, and invoices. All of this happening in real time.

Our team attended the on-site training. Within 48 hours we had multiple customers loaded into MDS and were receiving our first signed quotes and other customer communications through MDS. The ease of use enabled our team to learn and implement the MDS program with little or no complications. The MDS support team values our input and applies our needs for continuous improvement and tailors to the dealership needs.

Immediately we saw communication between our departments improve. Our Main shop was communicating components being sent to the CRC Shop. Our PSSR’s were communicating incoming machines and customer expectations. Instead of our Lead Technicians having to make multiple phone calls to find out the status, all they have to do is review the internal notes for a work order and find the information they were looking for.

Driving Metrics improvement through the use of MDS has resulted in increased customer satisfaction, decrease in WIP days, and decrease in LDL.”

Melissa Tresser
Service Operations Manager

Alban CAT
Baltimore, MD

Wheeler uses MDS for:
– Shop Service
– Field Service

“We were looking for a proactive way to update our customers on the status of our service efforts. MDS has allowed us to provide these notifications with a personal and professional touch. We now are able to give estimates, share pictures, receive signed approvals, and more without making a single phone call. My Dealer Service has provided us with the solution we were looking for.”

Brent Poulton
Vice President, Product Support

Sitech Rocky Mountain
Aurora, Colorado

Sitech Rocky Mountain uses MDS for:
– Shop Service

“Since using MDS we have noted significant improvement in our NPS scores, a Daniels Group metric to measure customer satisfaction. The ease of reaching out to customers using text messages has alleviated a bottleneck we experienced with our service Admin staff – no more messages being lost in voicemails.”

Farshad Behbahani
Repair Center Manager

Great Falls, Montana

Torgerson’s uses MDS for:
– Shop Service
– Field Service

“A product is only as good as the implementation. MDS is easy-to-use and the benefits are easily identifiable making it a win-win.”

Wayne Fischer
VP of Operations

Hansen Ford
Grande Prairie, Alberta – Canada

Hansen Ford uses MDS for:
– Service Department
– Quick Lane Service

“Customers are especially happy. We have seen our Voice of Customer score increase to a level where we actually have service rating higher than sales. That is unheard of around here. All and all we are very happy with the results of adding MDS to the process.”

Elishia Hansen